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Myo Moves is dedicated to implementing cutting-edge research in Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy to deliver the most effective and efficient results for our pediatric and adult patients addressing issues regarding mouth breathing, tongue-thrust, sleep concerns, and pre-post frenectomy care. 

We offer personalized treatment plans, supported by compassionate therapists, creating a safe and nurturing environment to enhance therapy objectives. Our interdisciplinary treatment approach guarantees transparent communication among providers, always prioritizing the well-being of the patient. 

What is
Myofunctional Therapy

Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy consists of therapeutic exercises to strengthen and reeducate facial and tongue muscles optimizing their function. 

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Tongue thrust is a condition where the tongue presses against or between the teeth during swallowing, speech, or at rest

Tongue THrust


Tongue-tie, medically known as ankyloglossia, is a congenital condition where the tissue connecting the tongue's underside to the floor of the mouth is unusually tight or short.



Mouth breathing is a pattern where an individual predominantly uses their mouth for breathing during rest and sleep.

Mouth breathing


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Lauren S.

Highly highly highly recommend!!!!! I worked with Alyssa for the last year and she was nothing short of amazing. I have made so much progress. Renata is also incredible, her quick response to me and helping me sort out what I needed was why I ended up starting therapy with myo moves. My daughter who is 5 is just about to start!

Lauren A.

Renata is very knowledgeable and helped me so much with prep for my tongue tie release. And having gone through the entire process of release and expansion herself, this makes her even more qualified as a myofunctional therapy provider to address the concerns of her patients!

John S.

Renata is simply incredible. She does 3 things exceptionally well. 1) Her knowledge goes far beyond just myofunctional therapy. She understands the root causes of issues and how everything in our bodies work together and has a deep comprehension of every cog in the wheel. 2) Her attention to detail is elite. From her discovery to her diagnosis and ultimately her recommendations everything is specific, accurate, and purposeful. 3) She is very friendly and relatable. She is not your typical hospital doctor. She fully gives you her time and attention and always has a smile on her face!

Thank you for considering Myo Moves to partner with in your airway and myofunctional journey.

We know all of this information is overwhelming and this is why we are here! We are going to hold your hand and guide you every step of the way! 

To answer some questions we have recorded videos just for you:  What is Myofunctional Therapy, The benefits of Nasal Breathing, The Purpose of Tongue Position at Rest, and What is a Tongue-tie. Enjoy them!

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Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy helps retrain orofacial muscles to perform its functions correctly. We focus on improving nasal breathing, chewing and swallowing, and optimizing the rest posture of the lips and tongue.

When the goals of myofunctional therapy are achieved we may see a variety of improvements. It depends on what the patients’ symptoms are and if they are related to myofunctional disorders. Every single person is going to present with different complaints and issues. 

The most common improvements my patients have reported are:

  • More restful sleep, 
  • More energy and focus, 
  • Dreaming more often, 
  • Improvement with allergies 
  • Less dark circles under the eyes 
  • Chewing improvement

Yes. 100% of our patients are now online and we get amazing results! 

Treatment can range from 3-4 months for adults and 6-12 months for children. But this is not a rule, it depends on the chief complaint, motivation of the patient, and if any other therapy/treatment modalities are involved. 

We start with a consultation with Renata - photos need to be uploaded to the portal prior to this appointment. This appointment takes about one hour. We review all of the photos and videos and write a step-by-step recommendation for the patient.

The following appointment is a Myofunctional Therapy Assessment where we assess, breathing, chewing, swallowing, and muscle movement. Based on these findings we come up with a treatment plan.

The third step are your therapy sessions. 

Key points are - good lighting and a fast Internet service (do a speed check on google).

After the consultation you will get a bag of tools in the mail that will be used for therapy. Keep them in a safe place. Items can be replaced with an extra cost. 

Therapy appointments are usually weekly and last 30-45min. We make a few exceptions for every other week appointments. 

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